"Inspiring young minds toward Wellness and Self-Awareness"


Seibra Caston is an accomplished educator, author and entrepreneur. Through her innovative wellness brand,

Alex the Ambassador of Health, she has touched the lives of countless children and their families, inspiring them to become Ambassadors of their own health. 


Seibra's journey as an educator started over 20 years  ago in secondary education where she quickly gained a reputation for her engaging teaching methods. Seeing the positive impact her teachings had on her students, she felt a calling to extend her reach beyond the four walls of the classroom and into classrooms all across America.


Driven by her desire to make a difference on a larger scale, Seibra embarked on a mission to create a wellness brand that would cater specifically to children. Drawing from her experience and research in health and wellness, she developed education materials that now include, The ALEX Doll, A Gratitude Journal, Fitness Journal, Activity Book,  ALEX brand merchandise and the highly acclaimed children's book entitled "Alex Goes To Organville".


In 2022, Seibra Caston launched Alex the Ambassador World of Wellness, a 501c3 non-profit foundation for children dedicated to spread the good news of great health to young minds worldwide. With her unwavering dedication to educating young children, Seibra has empowered thinkers of all ages to embrace the power of making healthy choices.

"Alex empowers young childen to create their own healthy lifestyle

one organ at a time! We love it!"  ---Principal Gillis


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Aligned with National Common Core Standards & GA Standards of EXCELLENCE 

Students will participate effectively with ALEX, building on ideas and expressing their own ideas clearly and persuasively.


Students will integrate and evaluate the information presented through the ALEXperience in a unique and diverse manner including visually and orally.



The Components of the Alexperience

Focuses on






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